Challenges in Colostomy Management

Challenges in Colostomy Management

  • Patients suffering from Colorectal Cancer, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, amongst other intestinal ailments, inevitably require ostomy surgery
  • Ostomy results in loss of sphincter control and redirects the output from the intestines to a surgically-created opening on the abdomen called a stoma.
  • The quality of life of ostomates becomes substantially poor due to the loss of continence – a disrupted life centred around their stoma, immense emotional and psycho-social stress, issues in intimacy
  • Currently, the only option for ostomates is a bag that is stuck around the stoma and collects the faeces as it comes
  • Further, these bags require change every 3-5 days and are prone to leakage and cause skin problems like excoriation, dermatitis, and inflammation

Key Problems Faced by Ostomates:

  • Incontinence
  • Skin Excoriation
  • Disrupted Life
  • Social Stigma

Our Solution

Device Description:

SphinX is a continent ostomy device that aims to empower ostomates by helping them regain control over evacuation and provides freedom from the problems inherent to existing standard of care.

The port is inserted into the stoma and stays there for an extended duration and does not require any accessories, skin barrier creams etc

A discreet design conceals its form and shape, giving ostomates confidence and privacy

Value Proposition:

  • Safe & Secure: Adhesive Free + zero skin problems
  • Hassle Free: Requires change only once a month
  • Continent: Freedom to evacuate at will
  • Bag-less: No more carrying around bulky bag
  • Easy to Use: One step application
  • Economical: No accessories/skin creams etc


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